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The Vision...​

     Phi Lamb was formed with a vision of creating a sorority that exists for the sole purpose of glorifying God and making His name great on college campuses across the nation.

The Beginning...

     Sigma Phi Lambda, Sisters for the Lord, was prayerfully founded in 1988 at the University of Texas at Austin by a group of women who envisioned a sorority that would provide Christian fellowship on the UT campus. The five founders were Patricia Adams Hogan, Robin Maedgen, Gina Williams Goveas, Jacqueline Goveas, and Eileen Howell Barlow. They drafted the original constitution that defined the purpose, structure, and day-to-day running of the sorority and its requirements for membership. They were then joined by eight charter members: Deana Clary, Bonnie Collins Turner, Jennifer Ford Borger, Julie Heflin Ertl, Debbie Hoehner, Kathleen Sullivan Kimbrough, Julie Trevino Mannella, and April Williams Murphy. With God's help, these thirteen created the organization that today we know as Phi Lamb.

Expansion and Growth...

     When the founders and charter members were creating and living "Phi Lamb", they never dreamed how large the organization would become. With an increasing number of women coming to the Alpha Chapter officers seeking to start chapters on their campuses, the officers called on alumni, and the national governing board was formed in 1997. It was originally known as the "Alumni Board", and the name was changed to "Board of Directors" in 2006. The Board of Directors exists to offer guidance and direction to all chapters of Sigma Phi Lambda by ensuring that the original vision of the sorority and the parameters of the Constitution of Sigma Phi Lambda are being upheld. The Board is made up of seven alumnae from various chapters who work to set national vision and policy and keep Phi Lamb running smoothly.

     Phi Lamb currently has 30 active chapters all over the nation, and is continually growing. Phi Lamb's Executive Director receives a constant stream of requests for information on how to start new chapters at campuses throughout the country. These prospective chapters go through an extensive process in order to bring Sigma Phi Lambda to their school, and each year we initiate a few new chapters at the Officer Training Retreat.

     There have been a number of changes in the structure of Phi Lamb at the national level due to growth we have experienced. Through all the changes that Phi Lamb has experienced in the last 25 years, its purpose remains the same: to glorify our Lord Jesus Christ and make His name great. For this reason, we look forward to bringing Phi Lamb to more campuses in the future, so that many more women can carry out this purpose as they experience the joy and growth that comes from having consistent fellowship with Christian sisters during their college years.


University of Tennessee Phi Lamb...

     Sigma Phi Lambda at the University of Tennessee was founded on much prayer, the incredible guidance and wisdom from the Lord, and with great love, effort, time, and steadfast commitment by the founders and charter members in the spring of 2011.  The five founders are Ashton Doane, Allison Henry, Brittany Webster, Lauren Bright Ingram, and Ann Holly Schreiber.  The four charter members are Lindsey Pugh, Christine Beard, Katelyn Holland, and Anne Grace Robertson. Our chapter is continuing to grow, and we hope that you will be a part of our sisterhood in Christ.

Sigma Phi Lambda UTK

Phi Lamb UTK Phi Lamb UTK
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