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How to Join


     Any female student enrolled at the university is eligible for membership in Sigma Phi Lambda. No individual will be refused membership on the ground of race, national origin, age, disability, appearance, social status, or religion. Because of the nature and purpose of Sigma Phi Lambda, the organization reserves the right to gender discriminate and limit membership to females only. Each Sigma Phi Lambda chapter is ensured this right to gender discriminate under a federal group exemption, section 501(c)7.

     At the beginning of a semester, potential new members (PNMs) will be introduced to Sigma Phi Lambda during a week of recruitment. With the guidance of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, the officers will interview each potential new member, questioning each one about their desire to grow in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The potential new member will then decide whether or not Sigma Phi Lambda is right for them. The new member will serve one semester of pledge-ship. At the end of the semester, the new members will be initiated into the sorority and assume full membership.


We are unlike any other sorority because...

Sigma Phi Lambda UTK

Phi Lamb UTK Phi Lamb UTK
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